Seat Covers

Tight-fitting seat covers for MAN* trucks | Truckstyler Quality

We pay particular attention to quality in the seat covers we have manufactured for the various MAN truck models. It is particularly important that the material used for the covers is particularly robust and hard-wearing. After all, the seat is the area in the truck that has the greatest stress.

However, accuracy of fit is also a selection criterion at Truckstyler.,
Our covers are extensively tested and assigned to the individual models and seat variants before they are sold for the first time. There are some MAN models that have 3 seats, then there are rotating seats, comfort seats, a Recaro seat and various folding passenger seats.

We offer a matching cover for all these variations.
We expressly point out that the products offered here of the individual vehicle manufacturers submitted , but merely made ​​fit for the respective vehicle types !

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