leatherette Interior

Artificial leather interiors for the DAF

Here you will find everything from seat covers to Foot mats, tunnel covers, dashboard covers to door panels or manoeuvring handles made of artificial leather.
We offer a wide range of quilting options, from car body quilting and diamonds to extra-large and double-quilted mats and waffle-look trim.

Selection of artificial leather

Thanks to the possibility to choose between 3 different types of artificial leather, we have the right equipment for every application and taste.
The equipment for the DAF here ranges from our obese HollandLine imitation leather which is particularly soft and non-glossy to ClassicLine which is particularly robust and water-repellent.

The different truck models of the DAF

We always consider the most different truck models during production. All parts are cut and manufactured to fit the respective model exactly.
We make sure that the seat has the correct console, the seat covers fit the backrests and, of course, the cut-outs for armrests.
For the floor mats we look at the motorization, whether automatic or shifting and also whether a water heater or a normal parking heater is installed.

Do you already have the new DAF XF 106 or still the 105er DAF? Is your vehicle a SpaceCab or a SuperSpaceCab with long-driver cab.
We definitely have the right solution.
We expressly point out that the products offered here of the individual vehicle manufacturers submitted , but merely made ​​fit for the respective vehicle types !

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