Truckstyler Truck Tuning - our administration

The company

In our administration building we coordinate the entire process.
From purchasing and logistics to telephone consultation, the
Production of special accessories as well as planning and construction
of new truck accessories.

Adresse: Ravensburger Str. 14/1, 88361 Altshausen


Our switchboard is here Monday to Friday from 10-12 o'clock and 13-16 o'clock for inquiries of any kind. The Truckstyler team advises you from planning to execution, the design of the interior or the optical improvement of the bodywork. We know all legal regulations in the transport business and know what is feasible.

Truckstyler - The Team

Our team consists of many competent employees, each with his own strengths. In the team we can show our whole strength. Gladly we convince you of it.

Management of the Truckstyler e.K.

Miss Elle


Mrs. Elle is the founder of Truckstyler e.K. The management is in your hands. She is also responsible for the accounting and the complete commercial management . In addition, Ms Elle is training manager for the profession of office management assistant.

But customer contact is also extremely important to her. Ms Elle is responsible for the Facebook page and marketing. She advises customers on site and is always present on all field trips. Whether it's advice directly at the customer's premises, advice in our shop or contact at tuning events and trade fairs. Mrs Elle does not miss anything here.

Mister Elle

Head of e-Commerce

Mr Elle completed his training as a qualified commercial vehicle mechanic at the
Daimler Chrysler AG successfully completed and is thus technically
absolutely fit.

At Truckstyler e.K. he is now the E-Commerce Manager and
Member of the sales team. He is always looking for new ideas
and trends and also develops new products together with manufacturers.

His area of expertise includes the complete SEO marketing as well as the planning and organization of advertising activities.

The sales team

Mrs Bianchino

Head of purchasing

Mrs. Bianchino is a trained wholesale and foreign trade merchant and a certified business administrator. She is a real organizational talent. As a native Italian
brings you her language skills in Italian and English at their best in
our company.

At Truckstyler e.K. she takes over the management of the complete
Purchasing, is responsible for the procurement of goods from all over Europe and is particularly concerned with customer satisfaction. In case of backorders, she keeps close contact with suppliers and manufacturers and informs our customers as soon as possible.

Mrs. Gilke

sales management

Mrs. Gilke successfully completed her training as office management assistant in 2017 and decided to join our team directly.
Its strengths lie particularly in product integration. You
analyses new products, creates meaningful descriptions and
brings these together with professional photos in our shop.

Through the professional support of Mrs. Gilke our
customers an excellent shopping experience that leaves hardly any questions unanswered. In addition, your advisory services on the phone as well as in the shop on site are a real support for our team.

Mr. Lamb

Marketing & Sales

Mr. Lämmle is a trained merchant for wholesale and foreign trade with a focus on wholesale and has been a strong pillar in the Truckstyler team since early 2020.

Due to his outstanding perceptive faculty and his IT-technical understanding he is the contact person in the team when it comes to graphic and design matters. In addition, his friendly and courteous manner makes him the perfect contact person for sales.

Mr Tasyurek

Camp management

Our warehouse manager is responsible for the safe transport of your goods.
He packs conscientiously, is responsible for the goods receipt as well as the
storage in general and instructs temporary staff in the warehouse.

It also handles the entire logistics, processes shipping orders and books forwarding agents. In addition, he is responsible for handling returns between customers and manufacturers.

The Schneider Team

Ms Berger

Head of tailoring

Mrs Berger sets the dreams and wishes of the drivers
and forwarding agencies. Due to our own production of curtains and drapes we can also realize special designs. Quality is our first priority.

Ms Bayer

temporary help tailoring

Mrs. Bayer is a trained tailor and an absolute professional at the sewing machine. She supports us in the tailoring with her expert knowledge as well as with the fast and at the same time absolutely high-quality and reliable way.

The Truckstyler partners

Together with our partner companies from the region we let your
Wishes were to be. We work with different workshops and
Craftsmen from the region work closely together and thus have the possibility to realize even great wishes.

Our partners also include a vehicle labeler,
Advertising agencies and graphic designers. These know exactly how to make your company and
graphically merges your truck. Vehicle lettering, advertising signs
and labeled strainers in cooperative design are therefore no

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