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What is a mud flap?

The mud flap is the part that protrudes downwards from the body. This is to prevent high splashing water and dust or grains from contaminating the body or hitting following vehicles. Until 1950, mud flaps were found on almost every vehicle. Because of the typically long spring travel, they were built long on French cars in particular until around 1980.

Earlier rather than flexible rubber lobes

later also as plastic mouldings painted in the same colour as the car, which protruded only slightly downwards. Now plastic inner linings are fitted in the wheel arches. The rear edge of these takes over the function of formerly rather independent mud flaps. Since about 1990, mud flaps on trucks have been equipped with grooves, a coating of spikes or coarse open-pored foam on the inside. This dampens the rolling noise and engine noise better and, despite the strong draught, high-splashing dirty water is absorbed well by capillary action and only drips off again at the lower edge.
No catching in the tyre
The flaps, which reach deep down, are gripped near the lower edge by small chains or ropes that lead up to the rear: This prevents the flaps from getting caught in deep snow with the tyre when driving either forwards or backwards. Behind the last pair of wheels, mud flaps are often routed across the entire width of the vehicle and thus offer space for various inscriptions such as truck mud flaps, splash flaps with cool oldschool logo or your own inscriptions truck rear mud flaps including silk screen logo (10 pieces).

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