Voltage converter

Find converters especially for sensitive consumers, react to irregularities in supply with slight errors, application. Now sinus converter are available in different versions to choose from. To take a well thought-out decision when purchasing, you should become to be described in detail with the subject of voltage transformers, as well as all equipment variations familiar in advance.

This voltage converter are characterized

Such a device is primarily used to convert direct current into alternating current. These - are used mainly in the 12 to 24V - increasingly in vehicles such as trucks or cars. The so-called inverter for motor vehicles are common for connection to the cigarette lighter and designed for the permanent connection. These days are the most 24V voltage transformer with power sockets for euro Plug and also household Sockets.

The main differences between a modified and a pure voltage converter

Voltage transformer or inverter for trucks are able to produce two different types of signals:
  • An electrical signal, which is modified, and
  • a current signal that are pure.

Voltage transformers, which are modified, produce a trapezoidal sine signal. This represents a combination of sine and square waves. The disadvantage of the modified version is that it is not able to power any device. However, those models are slightly cheaper than inverter with pure power signal. The latter produces same power which can take the user out of the socket. If the devices so home are functional, these are also can go with the pure sine wave inverter in operation.

It is to make sure when buying a power inverter for trucks

Now quite a few sellers offer both designed as also 24V power inverter modified pur to. While the decision for a particular product can be hard. Therefore you should consult in detail in advance of the respective articles for your truck. Before you buy, it is also necessary that you also are aware, for which devices of the inverter are used and modified if this or should be pure. In this way, you can largely avoid Fehlkäufe. If you want to buy a very durable product, you should opt for a water-proof 24V transformer. Should you want to use as many devices with such an article, is a product whose current signal pur fails to recommend.

We expressly point out that the products offered here of the individual vehicle manufacturers submitted , but merely made ​​fit for the respective vehicle types !

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