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Scania is one of the largest manufacturers of heavy trucks in Europe and South America. Already in 1919, the Swedish company switched its production mainly to trucks.

Round shapes still shape the image of a Scania truck today, which visually brings him far to the front.

Our accessories

The Scania is the leading truck at least in terms of design and its loyal fans. The look is unbeatable and the truck is the most popular in the scene. Many also appreciate him because of his powerful sounding V8 engine. The design itself is very much worked with stainless steel tunnels here.

Illuminated signs, a bad look and various LED tuned lights are almost a good sound when you drive a Scania. But also super stickers on the door, decals pips on the roof or shoes from "stickers at the entrance are always welcome at the Scania.

The interior

In the truck itself we refine the Scania with high-quality artificial leather trim or curtains in suede look. The door panels are exchanged for door panels that were covered with leatherette, the pane is hung with a front shelf and the shelf is extended with a nice table. But also for the various seats that are installed in the Scania, we have the right covers. No matter whether it is a locking seat, the normal air-sprung seat or fitting for the new Recaro sports seat. Our bespoke covers fit like a second skin and complete the cool look inside.

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