Truck Tuning & Styling for DAF* | Accessories directly from the pro

We expressly point out that the products offered here of the individual vehicle manufacturers submitted , but merely made ​​fit for the respective vehicle types !
Meters stitched leatherette, width 1,4m -50%

Meters stitched leatherette, width 1,4m

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13,93 € per 1 m2
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 DAF Truck Accessories
DAF Truck Tuning & Styling | Accessories directly from Profi

Lorry accessories for the 1928 founded Lorry manufacturer DAF (Van Doornes Aanhangwagenfabrieken).

The Dutch truck is today one of the most popular truck models in the world. ...
Spätestens with the introduction of the DAF XF105, however, the economy and technology are also convincing.

Our accessories

We offer matching interiors such as synthetic leather , curtains, tables, shelves, built-in wardrobes;seat covers, mufflers, floor mats, illuminated signs, sound systems, cockpit decor and steering wheel for a comfortable trucker interior.

We also offer ample possibilities for the exterior appearance of your truck. We have stickers, window decors, multi-purpose foils, exhaust pipes and sidepipes, cabin roof light signs, individually printed dirt filters, sun visors, spoilers, roof sleeping cabins, baking bars, lighting, front bars, portholes, rockfall protection grids, stainless steel parts and bumpers. Of course, we also have special solutions for almost all truck models such as the DAF CF, LF, XF95, XF105 or the XF106, Euro6

In addition, we have for some time now some bodywork and spare parts. Starting with bumpers and mirrors up to various attachments.

Interior equipment

Inside, the DAF has been captivating for years with its ample space, large cabinets and high-quality workmanship. Here we put imitation leather fittings on the whole floor, the seat base, the cupboards or even the door panelling. But also special deposit tables as well as opaque curtains are in great demand here again and again. In addition to all the styling components, the drivers are always in great demand for useful things such as coffee machines, electric kettles or a microwave oven. Not only can you be self-sufficient anytime and anywhere, but you also save considerable costs.

DAF Black Sheep
The DAF XF106