New colors for interior design

08.03.2018 09:56

StandardLine Serie

We are adding new colors and new features to our StandardLine line of synthetic leather products.
In particular, we now offer the color brown for seat covers and foot mat sets.

In addition, we are expanding the portfolio to include cabinet panels, door handles, door panels and dashboard covers for almost every truck model currently on the market.

But that's not all.

To round off our product range and offer, we also have the matching curtains, curtains and Scheibenborden in a beautiful brown and the matching pompom on the curtains.

You get our TS curtains here for an unbeatable price. No matter if you choose the 5-piece set or the 11-piece complete set.

Braunes Lkw Kunstleder
Alle Farben

The color selection

In addition to brown, we also offer a selection of other standard colors, such as blue, red, beige and black.

With our selection, you can quickly and easily put together your own individual equipment and combine various colors.

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