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If you are looking for the right truck lighting you will find it here. We offer everything from headlights and rotating beacons to LED lighting. Depending on your needs, you can choose between the colours red, orange, yellow or white. Of course we also have the most different sizes so that our lights are ready for use everywhere and at any time. You can use our lights without any problems for trucks, trailers or even mobile homes. Most people are looking for a correct and reliable lighting unit. However, most of them do not become available, so we have made it our business to offer you only these. In addition, we offer various accessories and spare parts such as lamps, glasses or bulbs. It is very important to sell only lights with E-marking, which are permitted in the area of StvZo. lighting in general'' you will find the general lighting for your truck. This includes the cables and plugs you need to connect your lights, light modules including connection cable with plug for the trailer socket, truck bulbs (24V) of the series H1/H3/H4 and many more, which you can combine perfectly with the truck headlights, turn signals and rear lights from our online shop, the special LED installation modules for headlights and lights as well as daytime running lights and their accessories. In addition, there are many more lamps, cables and much more, which you can find in the category 'Other'. In the second subcategory ''

In the second subcategory ''Lighting by position'' you will find the lighting for the various positions of your truck. These include the flasher lamps, brake lamps, tail lamps, interior lighting, license plate lamps, rear fog lamps, reversing lamps, rear fog lamps, rear reflectors and clearance lamps. LED lights'' you will find yellow, orange, red and white LEDs, which have the advantage of being largely resistant to vibration and thus to damage. All our LED lights are completely waterproof and hermetically sealed. Most of the lights are additionally with E-mark and incl. connection cable. In our assortment we have LEDs for the rear (red), LEDs for the front (white), LEDs for the side large (red, yellow, orange or white), LEDs for the side small (orange) and LED lights for inside.
>br /> In the fourth subcategory ''LED headlights/Light Bar'' you will find driving lamps in the form of a compact light bar. The low height and low weight are perfect for the special requirements of off-road vehicles and for aerodynamic roof mounting on truck cabs. Lorry headlights'' you will find all auxiliary headlights. From driving lamps to fog lamps, we have a huge selection. We also have Xenon headlights, LED headlights or the normal ones with position light.

If you do not couple it with the normal main beam and put it on an extra switch, you should consider the following. The switch or display in the vehicle must light up blue and be within the driver's direct field of vision. Here you can find headlights with the ref. 17,5 number 2. ECE approval Light technical equipment on the vehicle must be
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Clear glass LED clearance light Slim2 including seal Clear glass LED clearance light Slim2 including seal - 5%
LED marker light round 12V-36V LED marker light round 12V-36V - 5%
LED downlight as grille lamp or side marker lamp LED downlight as grille lamp or side marker lamp - 5%
LED downlight as grille lamp or side marker lamp
9,00 € 8,55 € *
8,55 € per 1 piece
LED truck lateral clearance light, 12 / 24V, slim, extra... LED truck lateral clearance light, 12 / 24V, slim, extra... Bestseller
Waterproof LED recessed screw, IP67, Waterproof LED recessed screw, IP67, Bestseller
Waterproof LED recessed screw, IP67,
starting from 5,99 € *
5,99 € per 1 piece
We expressly point out that the products offered here of the individual vehicle manufacturers submitted , but merely made ​​fit for the respective vehicle types !

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