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24.09.2018 14:00

The fair - first impression

At the end of September 2018, our team made their way to the IAA in Hanover to search for the latest trends in the scene and take a closer look at the innovations.

After we had chatted all the halls with four people all Saturday and made us a first impression, we went to the detail.

IAA 2018

1. The world premiere - Actros2019

At first, of course, we turned our attention directly to the newest of all trucks and took a close look at the world premiere of the Actros 2019. Of course, we were not the first and could now also detail the technology such as the "Actice Drive Assist" or report on the missing mirrors and the technology of "MirroCam". But we are not "everyone" but quite clearly the truckstyler in the scene and what would Truckstyler be without Truckstyling News ??
Der neue Actros
Tuning & Styling - Actros 2019

Sure you can go and try to reserve one of the 400 special models "Edition 1" to have a complete styling package which also has stainless steel parts and LED Specials, only very few have the opportunity to get hold of this version.

That's why we looked at the styling possibilities and put our focus on the stainless steel tuning, the interior and the available styling parts.

It stands out immediately that the new 2019 Actros has not received much new design apart from the technology. Thus, our stainless steel grille parts, rooflight hangers, bullfighters and sidebars continue to fit as well as most of the interiors


The seats have the same shape, the floor can be designed with the synthetic leather fittings of the 2011 New Actros (MP4) and the center tray table and the front passenger seat continue to fit. Likewise, the curtain hooks and the length of the curtains are completely identical.

2. The World Premiere - Vision URBANETIC

Next through the Mercedes Hall, it went directly to the next world premiere. Although the Vison Urbanetic is not the future project which fits exactly in our area, but it is definitely a styling vehicle which is of course worth a look.

Styling and tuning obviously flow together in the concept as much as we like it. LED lighting in the right place and the rims in the right size. Totally tuned in the same way as Truckstyler could not do better.

Vision Urbanetic

3. Concept Trucks

Of course, if we are already at the Concept Trucks of the future we can not pass the models of Volvo and Ford. Volvo showed with its fully autonomous Vera (2019) a tractor of a special kind. The Vera has no cabin cab and should be used as support for existing logistics solutions. Curtains, curtains and other interior would of course be completely absent but the whole thing to extend some LED side marker lights is worth considering.

The F-Vision is here for us sooner. But whether he really comes on the market exactly in the future and whether a beautiful bullfighter would not round off the style even further, is still questionable.

F-Vision Bild 1
F-Vision Bild 2
Vera (2019)  Front
Vera (2019) Seite
Der neue F-Max

4. The new Ford F-Max

Passing through the halls, we passed the new Ford truck.

The Ford F-Max is optically not so bad, but from our point of view, something easily processed which would not be reprehensible for a cheap truck.

We can well imagine tuning this truck in the future as well.

Whether interior fittings, filing tables or styling parts for the outside, there seem to be quite a few possibilities here


5. New tuning and styling news

Tail lights in the aquarium

Now it went to the preserves. We went in search of the latest trends in the scene and of course the way led by various manufacturers of LED lights and lamps which not only beautify the truck, but also have a significant in terms of safety.

New fluorescent modules with neon effect are used as turn signals, brake lights or side marker lights. New complete headlights for the rear facilitate the exchange. In particular, we put extreme emphasis on quality lights which are completely waterproof here, of course, right at the front.

Neue Wasserdichte LED

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