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StyleLine 2.0 is our newest feature - More style and perfect fit like no other. StyleLine 2.0 first insights - Interior of a special kind! For a long time
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The fair - first impression At the end of September 2018, our team made their way to the IAA in Hanover to search for the latest trends in the scene and take a closer look at the
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Our popular artificial leather of the Holland Style series is now available again! More choices We've changed a lot in the last few months and now we can offer you an even wider
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The fabric of the trucker hearts beat faster. Available again from Truckstyler. Danish plush Formerly, the fabric so popular today was used for bus seat covers.
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StandardLine Serie We are adding new colors and new features to our StandardLine line of synthetic leather products. In particular, we now offer the color brown for seat covers and
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From now on we offer you a large selection of stickers with the popular Iron Cross. The Iron Cross is originally a war decoration from Prussia. It was awarded for an above-average
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Clubs in Germany We show you the most important clubs around the topic of truck accessories and truck styling. Your club If you have more clubs or you have
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Events in Germany The card with the meetings In Germany, there are more and more meetings nationwide for truckers and tuning crazies in the truck sector. Here the top of
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