Holland style leatherette - available again

17.08.2018 08:14

Our popular artificial leather of the Holland Style series is now available again!

More choices

We've changed a lot in the last few months and now we can offer you an even wider selection of our popular Holland Style imitation leather series. In addition to the floor mats, the engine tunnel and the door panels, there are now also entry handles, cabinet panels and seat base frames.

The change of the supplier also brings a much better quality and a better handling and availability. The delivery time could be shortened so extremely.

HollandLine Kunstleder
Hollandline Sitzsockel

Better fit

But the fit was a reason for change. Now the mats are even better and more accurate in your truck than before.

More accessories

Matching this, we now also offer curtains, Fringe and seat covers which are matched in color exactly on the series. For example, our suede-look curtains with leather stripes are the perfect combination.


Whats the price of the leatherett

Carl Hedge, 2019-04-19 00:30:20

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