Equipment in perfection

07.12.2018 08:02

StyleLine 2.0 is our newest feature - More style and perfect fit like no other.

Neue Sitzsockel

StyleLine 2.0 first insights

- Interior of a special kind!

For a long time we have worked out, measured and reworked to be able to deliver the perfect interior. Today we have put the finishing touches and installed the equipment at the first prototypes (New Actros). I think the result is impressive.

The parts are almost like a glove ... we are looking forward to the start of the new year !!

The difference matters

The last few years we negotiated with several manufacturers and always tried to make the perfect artificial leather finish. The equipment has become better and better over the years, but never exactly the way we imagined it.

That's over now

The new StyleLine 2.0 series is made on site by our in-house tailors and can be adapted to the wishes and needs of the driver.

We are now completely open for changes and improvements and can act through short distances. So we make a tailor-made equipment for trucks which does not exist yet.

The exact seat - Interior on the Actros MP4

StyleLine unten
StyleLine seitlich

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